Rules of using the service

Basic information:

  1. The owner and administrator of horse market is Michał Smyka, living in Jelenia Góra, ul. Wiśniowa 19.
  2. is an international horse market. Each new advertisement is automatically translated to other available languages.
  3. The insertion of new advertisements is done for free.
  4. Added photos (max 7) can not be bigger than 1 MB each. Photos will be automatically resized to nedded sizes.

Responsibility of the service:

  1. Horse market is not responsible for the data inserted by the service users.
  2. Horse market is not responsible for the content of advertisements. Users inserting advertisements against the law can be punished for it, according to civil or criminal law.
  3. Horse market is not responsible for the brakes and errors in functioning of the service.
  4. Horse market does not take part in any transactions between the users of the service and is only publishing their advertisements.

The service is allowed to:

  1. delete advertisements without informing the users(espacially advertisements wich are against the law or internal regulations)
  2. change the functionality of the service without informing the users
  3. temprarily stop or completely remove the service
  4. change the content of these regulations without informing the users

Personal data:

  1. Users publishing advertisements in the horse market allow the service to store and publish the given personal data and ip address, from which the advertisement was inserted. The users also allow the service to send the information- or advertisement e-mails to the given e-mail address.
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