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Trail rides on hucul horses - Giant Mountains, Izera Mountains ... Trail rides on hucul horses - Giant Mountains, Izera Mountains ... 30 EUR / day
  • 6-days trail ride through the wildest parts of Giant and Izera Mountains
  • individual horse trails and trips
  • Accomodation - hutsuls cottage

If you love horses, mountains and adventures - visit our site: Trail rides Poland !

Hucul Horse CzetnikHorse for saleStallionHucul Horse20171700.00 PLN
(408 EUR)
buy Colt
born, 12-06-2017 father is from Primus Hrobego mother-Wrzoska dam line Reda zaczipowany, Passport on the day ...more
911.03.2018 10:49
Oldenburg Horse Dr. Summer I Horse for saleGelding horseOldenburg Horse201015000.00 EUR
Reduced for a quick decision : Smal gelding
Reduced for a quick decision because I look urgently for a new living place !! 15.000 Euro negotiable for a quick decision !!! Amateur prospect mit FEI potenzial and perfect friend for all days but ...more
1811.03.2018 09:44
Anglo-Arabian Horse UlsanHorse for saleGelding horseAnglo-Arabian Horse200515000.00 PLN
(3600 EUR)
Gelding a professor to jump and love
Buy a 13 year old, experienced in starts gelding Thoroughbreds. Lewis competed in competitions class P and P1, with opportunities for more. Wałaszek has a very nice jump technique, is very dynamic, ambitious, ...more
1110.03.2018 19:16
Silesian Horse StalkerHorse is missingStallionSilesian Horse2015Negotiable
Hladám žriebä after žrebcovi mojom
Please help Hľadám žriebä after žrebcovi Predal mojom sa zo Slovenska niekam to poľska prepravný truck znažku niekam mal so it SZY kraja. Vraj mal must be off now to a family ranch. In preukaze's ...more
510.03.2018 09:50
Polish Coldblood Horse Horse for saleMarePolish Coldblood Horse20176500.00 PLN
(1560 EUR)
horses Mare
Cold-blooded old fillies for sale. (PKZ) a nice build, healthy. Have the books main good pedigree. Age 8-11 months. I recommend for further breeding. Price 6500. More information I will tel. ...more
1709.03.2018 17:36
Czech Coldblood Horse AlgiertHorse for saleStallionCzech Coldblood Horse20159000.00 PLN
(2160 EUR)
For sale
Buy horse Colt cold bloody 3-year-old sorts of chestnut in sled province Swietokrzyskie ...more
2208.03.2018 10:03
Horse for saleMareThoroughbred2014Negotiable
Mare for sport and leisure
I offer for sale Mare 3 years, skarogniadą, zajeżdżona, very nice in daily use, performs well under saddle, pretty, healthy. Regularly vaccinated against, odrobaczana, rozczyszczana. Has a passport. ...more
005.03.2018 13:46
Thoroughbred Horse for saleStallionThoroughbred20128000.00 PLN
(1920 EUR)
Kon for sport and leisure
I offer for sale Stallion 5 l, zajeżdżony, very polite in daily use, performs well under saddle, good-looking, healthy. Vaccinated regularly, odrobaczany, rozczyszczany. Has a passport. We offer also ...more
1705.03.2018 13:46
Horse for saleStallionThoroughbred20128000.00 PLN
(1920 EUR)
Sale horses
The Arabian breed and English, zajeżdżone, intended for sport or recreation, different ages, different ointments. Prices negotiable ...more
405.03.2018 13:45
Horse for saleStallionHolsteiner Horse2009Negotiable
With us you will find your miracle horse!
Hello dear horse friends, we can provide a selection of foals and horses of proven performance strains for you from our own breeding and rearing. Horse riding is demanding and may be left so not to chance. Who ...more
002.03.2018 19:33
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